Birchbank Golf has the longest golf season in the area. Our average season runs from April 1st to October 31st every year, giving us 213 days of golf!

Pay for your Membership in full, or take advantage of our monthly payment plan and spread out your payments throughout the year.  And don’t forget to watch for Early Bird and Christmas special pricing deals for your membership!

Regular Season Memberships Before December 31st, 2018

Single –                                      $1,629                                 Reg. $1,699

Couples –                                   $2,899                                 Reg. $2,999

Family –                                      $3.049                                Reg. $3,199

Intermediate (20 to 29 yrs) – $1,049                                 Reg. $1,149

New Member 2nd year –         $1,299                                 Reg. $1,349

New Member Couple –           $2,449                                 Reg. $2,549


CLICK HERE to view our Membership Registration form with full pricing details
or call us today for more information:
Pro Shop (250-693-2255) or Office (250-693-2366)

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