Birchbank Golf Ladies Closing

Forty-four members of the Birchbank Ladies’ Club participated in the 2017
closing event on October 1st, enjoying some sunshine on the course while
playing the “Flag Frenzy” game by following instructions on each flag to
give them a team score.  The winning team, scoring 95, was Flori Valentine,
Carmela Livolsi, Mary Larmour and Judy Healey.  Following a delicious turkey
dinner, the year end awards were presented.  The Crystal Cup was won by
Carol Babcock, with Dana Haas finishing second on the A side.  B side winner
was Michelle Hansen, Jeri Santarossa second on B side. The Monthly
Competition trophy was awarded to Karen Hubert who had the low net average
(66.8) over the five-month period of May to September. Monthly low-net
winners were: May – Lauren Murray 65, June – Denise Gausdal 61, July –
Maureen Elliott 64, August – Anita Cameron  62, September – Karen Hubert 65.
Flori Valentine was presented with the Ringer Board plaque for being the
overall winner with a 61.  Ringer Board flight winners and runners-up were:
Flight 1 – Michele Shankland 62, Maureen Elliott 65R; Flight 2 – Ilo Shubert
66, Karen Hubert 68; Flight 3 – Sharon Orlando 71, Carol Babcock 72; Flight
4 – Doreen Campbell 76, Beth Robinson 77; Flight 5 Katy Burke 81, Jackie
Drysdale 82.  Anita Cameron was the Most Improved Golfer, taking 46 strokes
off her starting game on the Ringer Board.  The Most Improved Handicap
Factor award was presented to Sophia Park whose factor was reduced by 1.172
over the season.  Sophia Park and Barb Secco tied for the Pin Rounds award
with a total 285.  Barb Secco was also presented with a pin for winning the
low net in the club championship held in August.  Dana Haas was given a
round of applause for stepping in (in the absence of a club captain over the
past two seasons) to coordinate the Ladies’ Club events and hold the club
together.  Karen Hubert and Carmela Livolsi presented Dana with a basket of
goodies as a token of thanks and appreciation.

Pictured are:  Ringer Board winners and Crystal Cup winners