Birchbank Ladies Eclectic Tournament

The Birchbank Ladies Club held their Eclectic Tournament (Kay Buna Memorial)
on September 9th & 10th with Brittany Buna (Kay’s granddaughter) and 29
members participating in this annual event.  Gord Buna (Kay’s son) presented
the Kay Buna Memorial plaque and keeper trophy to Ilo Shubert who netted a
60 in the two day eclectic format. Ilo came in 4 strokes ahead of runner-up
Barb Secco who won with a 64 retro.  Flight A winners were Sophia Park – 64,
Michelle Hansen – 65 retro and Flori Valentine – 65.  Flight B winners were
Mary Lynn Trozzo – 65 retro, Carolyn Caron – 65 and Eileen Holm – 66 retro.

Pictured are:
Photo 1 – Gord and Ilo
Photo 2 – Flori, Sophia, Michelle
Photo 3 – Mary Lynn, Carolyn, Eileen
Photo 4 – Ilo and Barb

Gord & Iolo Eclectic 2017

Eclectic Flight A 2017Eclectic Flight B #2 2017Eclectic 2017 winner & runner-up