Friday Night Golf Mixer

Hi Golfers

We’re starting a fun easy Friday night golf get together, and inviting all to join in. Singles, couples, young, old, experienced or new to golf, everyone is welcome.

We’ll mix everyone up with the intention of just having a fun easy round, 9 or 18, and end with dinner at the club. No fuss or scorecards or prizes just the chance to get to know a few new folks and enjoy our course. The plan is for every Friday night June – August, with the exception of dates where tournaments are booked ie. KBRH Foundation event or the Open etc.

Interested? Just email me at by end of day on the Wednesday prior and I will add you to the draw.

Whether you can join in once or every Friday, it all works. First night is this Friday June 2nd.

Everyone is welcome as are folks to help organize and/or new ideas to add to the fun.

Hope to see you all.

Betty Anne Marino