News From Our Course Superintendent

Note: You may not be aware that several of the products that were used in the past for keeping our fairways and greens it top condition are not longer allowed due to their harm to the surrounding ecosystem, so Mark has been doing extensive research into alternative products that are eco-friendly and effective.


Calling All Wood Stove Owners

The superintendent in Terrace BC has been using wood ash and composted material as a disease suppressant for a couple years now. The wood ash has some sort of fungicidal properties in it that has been shown to suppress their michrodochium patch during the season. If anybody has a wood stove and burns just clean wood, no garbage and they could save me their ash when they clean there stoves that would be great. You can contact me at the shop if you have some ash to donate.

Turf Care Blog

I have started a blog for the turf care department and will be updating it regularly with information of what is happening on the course and why we do certain procedures. It can be viewed at